I’m baaaacckkkk….

and there are several new developments in my life, all of which are very exciting and have just made life feel more wonderful.  I have graduated to wordpress (Woo Hoo!). I was just looking for a blog I had more creative control over and blogger wasn’t offering me that anymore. But now I have a new and improved blog – complete with a brand-new hand-drawn logo! Yay! As you can see my drawing skill are much more impressive than my handwriting. Why? The Artisanal Goddess hates me and is unfair. Since my last post, I’ve also:

  • Started my new job, complete with new responsibilities, managing Paysanne,
  • Moved off the farm and into my town trailer, and…
  • Rescued the most adorable pup in the world


My new trailer is really great. I feel like I have moved up in the world. I now have electricity, internet, a working stove, running water, a fridge, a bathroom, and a shower! I even have a little private yard. I know: so luxurious! It is really nice having such a small place that can be sparkling in thirty minutes flat. It’s definitely a little retro and the curtains may need some updating but all in good time. Right now I’m just really happy to have my own place that I can call home. I’m planning on saying here through the summer (maybe longer, we’ll see). There will most certainly be new pictures of the place as it progresses and becomes more homely.


However, just because I don’t live on a farm anymore does not mean I’m missing out on all the delicious and healthy food. I like to stop by the farm every once and awhile to pick up some produce and eggs. I’ve also made a great habit of going to the farmer’s market with Topher every week (the farmer’s market is always full of dogs to play with). Today I picked up a variety of eggs (pictured clockwise from upper left: a duck egg, goose egg, and hen egg). Duck and goose eggs are very rich and make great omelets, but you can cook them as you would any old hen egg. Surprisingly, a goose egg takes 4 hours to hard-boil! My cooking skills have also greatly improved. Pictured is my lunch today made with 100% local and organic ingredients: bacon, kale, foraged miner’s lettuce, avocado, and a duck egg. Yay! Food! Yum!


Here’s my new little guy! He’s half Jack Russell Terrier, half Chihuahua (better know as a Jack Chi). Currently weighing in at 11.5lbs,  Topher (named after Fran Kranz’s charming character on “Dollhouse”) is the most mellow little pup in the world. I feel so lucky that I found him. We are still working on his training but so far so good. At this point he is housetrained and is good with about half of the five basic commands (sit, stay, down, heel, come). He’s 4.5 months old now and nothing like what you’d expect a half Chihuahua to act like. According to his breed profile, “the Jack Chi is a sweet tempered dog that is happy, easy-going, loves people, adaptable, smart & trainable, and has a good sense of humor”.  Jack Chi adults can weigh up to 15 lbs. as adults so I don’t expect him to get much bigger than he is right now.


There is a pond on the property I live on that Topher loves to run around. One of the other dogs, Ziggy, loves to swim in the pond which, most of the time, sends Topher racing around the pond for hours. Occasionally he’ll jump in for a few seconds to cool off but at this point he is still weary. When we’re alone by the pond, it’s very nice and relaxing. He explores and hunts the fish, frogs, and lizards that all inhabit the space in and around the pond.


A few weeks ago, Andy and I took a trip with Topher up to Fort Bragg which is about an hour and half away, on the coast. We camped on the beach for a few days and had a really great time hiking, building fires, and collecting rocks and shells. It was such a nice break from the busy work week I’d had gardening and at the shop. The coast is an amazingly beautiful place. I couldn’t believe that was my first trip out there. Since, I haven’t been able to stay away, going up a few times with Andy – always being sure to stop at one of the many, many ridiculously amazing beaches.



So, in a nutshell, that’s what I’ve been up to this year so far (a.k.a. obsessing over my dog). I love and miss everyone and hope you can all come visit me! :) Rose


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